Frequently Asked Questions

What videos are included in the Essentials membership?

Essentials members will have access to over 90 fundamental videos. Plus Monthly Q&As and Image Critiques in the Members Only Facebook Group.

The follow content will be available in the catalog from 13 May 2021:

  • Chin On Hands - 4Videos - 47mins

  • Editing With Actions - 8Videos - 97mins

  • Getting it right in camera - 17Videos - 250mins

  • Newborn Camera Angles - 5Videos - 34mins

  • Newborn Safety - 11Videos - 60mins

  • Parent Posing - 9Videos - 60mins

  • Photoshop Fundamentals - 15Videos - 115mins

  • Setting Up A Home Newborn Studio - 1Videos - 23mins

  • The Back Pose - 8Videos - 209mins

  • The Bum Up Pose - 4Videos - 88mins

  • The Pretzel Wrap - 4Videos - 65mins

  • The Side Pose - 6Videos - 139mins

  • Tucked In Pose - 3Videos - 47mins

    PLUS Weekly Image Critiques and Monthly LIVE Q&A

What videos are included in the Premium membership?

Premium members have access to over 300+ videos. Click the CATALOG LINK in the menu

How do I cancel?

To cancel your membership at any time, follow the prompts below.

  1. Login to your account at

  2. Click ‘My Account’ in the top menu

  3. Then click on ‘Billing’ tab

  4. Scroll down and click ‘Change Plan’ in the Active Plan section. 

  5. Then choose ‘Cancel Membership’ below the plan options. 

Your access will end at the close of the current billing period. Refunds for partially unused membership periods are not available.

What about the videos I already own on

You will still have full access to the content you own on (It will not be taken away from you.)
As a Premium Member you will now be able to access most of the video tutorials here on KBO.
This new platform is all about the new content.

Is there an App so I can watch offline?

From day one you can stream on any device and we have a mobile app in development right now so you can watch content without being connected to the internet.
Until the app comes out though the site is built for mobile viewing and you can cast from your phone to your tv with airplay or chromecast.

A few great features that the new site has from day 1 –

  • Pick up where you left off – log back in and see what you were last watching and continue from the same spot.

  • Auto play the next video in the play list.

  • Picture in picture – Click the Picture in picture icon and the video will float on you screen so you can change windows, open photoshop and keep watching in the pop up viewer.

  • Video quality picker – if your internet is slow you can stream a lower quality video.

  • Video Speed Adjustment – Depending on how you want to get through the content, you can slow it down to follow along or speed it up to get through it faster.

This is just the beginning, and we will be working on new features all the time.
The new site is very much focused on the viewing expierence.